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Rikaz is an online socio-economic databank on the Palestinian community in Israel.
Rikaz has been supported and promoted by the Galilee Society . Rikaz’s data is extracted from its own surveys and from official Israeli government sources and then broken down, analyzed and interpreted in order to present it in one unified database.

Palestinians in Israel

The remaining Palestinians in Israel face systematic discrimination in most areas of their lives: in land rights, education, language, economics, culture, environment, health, political representation and even information. Government budget allocations are disproportionately low. As a result, the Palestinian community is relegated to a lower standard of living; unemployment and poverty are desperately high and many villages lack basic health, education and infrastructure services. In short, members of this community are locked into second-class citizenship and prevented from realizing their full democratic rights in society. Such a situation contributes to the absence of equality in the Israeli society and prevents the Palestinians from their right to represent themselves via accurate data, which they can use to discuss their problems in local as well as in international arenas. In a world where information is recognized as a sort of power, it is clear that the Palestinians need to know more about themselves in order to get recognition and fulfilment of their basic rights and to improve their and their children’s living conditions, environments, and residential areas. more ..

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Rikaz News

Rikaz - Databank published the final Report " 5th Socio-economic Survey 2017 "

Statistic of the Month

16.2% of individuals (15.3% of males and 17.1% of females) have at least one chronic condition.
The prevalence of chronic conditions increases with age from 16.5% among individuals aged 30-44 to 85.9% among those aged 60 or over.

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